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Blessings this Week: 06.05.2015

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New Sunday traditions

..   ..   ..   ..   ..

..   ..   ..   ..   ..

Connections across generations

..   ..   ..   ..   ..

Empty birds' nests

..   ..   ..   ..   ..

Weed whacking and green grass stained legs

..   ..   ..   ..   ..

Working beside my husband

..   ..   ..   ..   ..

House keys and new adventures

..   ..   ..   ..   ..

The moon rising over a place we now call ours

..   ..   ..   ..   ..

What a week, right?

So, if you haven't been around this little blog lately, here's what you've missed....

You Know You Live at a Bible Camp When...

Ah, Bible Camp living. Ever wonder what it's like? Go read the post!

Much Bigger Plans

We thought we were done. We thought that by moving out of the bottom half of our home to share with another staff member, we'd fulfilled the calling I had that we were supposed to help.

But like with almost everything, God's plans are bigger. Bigger and better. And we're so excited!

In Season: Finding the Fruit of the Spirit, Right Where We Are

Starting next week Tuesday, we'll be starting a new series about finding the fruit of the Spirit in our lives, no matter how unproductive, how dry, how fruitless we may feel. 

And, we'll be welcoming guest bloggers for nine weeks- each with a testimony about what the Holy Spirit is producing through their lives. I've read several of their posts already, and I'm so excited for this powerful and meaningful series! Stay tuned!

Have a wonderful weekend!! 

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