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Blessings this Week: Thanksgiving Edition

Happy Thanksgiving!!

My small group has been going through a book called One Thousand Gifts, by Ann Voskamp.

I'd recommend it, especially if you read it slowly. I think that's the only way to read it, really.


The challenge presented through the book is to list a thousand blessings, small and large. (I wrote more about the book and what it's meant for me in my post Counting Gifts). And I've been sharing some of those blessings through this little blog.

It's been a life change. It's been a soul-healing change.

And I'm not even close to writing down one thousand gifts.

One of the things that I enjoy about the book is that the author shares the gifts in her own life. It helped me to see the little things, to notice the tiniest of blessings. It helps to have an example, you know?

So, in honor of Thanksgiving, a time when we stop, count our blessings, and give thanks to the Creator of all who has given us all good things, I thought I'd share more of my list from the past few months.

Sunshine through the laundry room window

Early morning snuggles

Prayers offered by many

Crunchy walk to work

Little girl squeals from the playground

Plaid jacket

Cracks in old hardwood floor

Pink wispy sky

Surprise hugs

"Ping, ping" of recycling day

Fireplace crackles

Order from chaos (organized binder!)

Lace under fingertips

Sleepy Trevor smell

Chapel time

Shared laughs in the dining hall

Her quiet elegance

Tree tops touching a pink sunset

Smell of yeast

Warm milk

Rain smell

The last leaf hanging on 

Fallen nest and new adventures

Dark curly hair

Carmelized onions

Tucker Turtle striking at food

Warm quilts

Turkeys running across the Rec field

Lights on Christopherhaus

Holding hands

Arm in arm in the car

Sparkles in raw squash

Long aprons

Perfect circle moon

Icy snow on fallen logs

Deer prints in new snow

Stories of those who came before

Excited voice over the phone

Space heater

Gently falling snow

A desk cluttered with life

The chance to try again

Putting faces to names

Just enough milk for the recipe

That comfort-smell

Warm coffee mug

Damp-leaf smell

Surprise pictures

Cold toes in warm socks

Fireplace smoke smell

Toddler kisses

Sunshine warm on my back

Help with the dishes

Clean stairs

Happy squirrel that bounded up the tree

Little boy with a temporary tattoo on his cheek

Girl giggles and fashion advice

Lanky arms wiping tables

Raindrops tapping on dried leaves

Light through yellow leaves

Rooty squash smell

Kissing his temple

Tractors in fields

Rough Trevor fingers on my palm

Farm cats on the four-wheeler tire

Miles of yellow-white corn

White country church in the middle of fields

Toast smell from kitchen

Birds chattering

Spices and pine smell

Tiny spider in the door frame

Baby's scrunched up angry face

Smooth green pepper skin

Afternoon naps

Birch trees bowing in the wind

Tiny downy feather on the sidewalk

Kids calling from the playground

Quilt folded neatly over the couch

Tunnels through mountains of leaves

My head fitting perfect between his shoulder blades

Silky Nellie-dog fur

Woodpecker in an oak tree

Comfy black sweatpants

Pine needle piles

Pear yellow

Her "success" smile

Ringlets at the nape of her little neck

Forehead to forehead secrets

Glass that looks green in the sunlight

Red speckles in changing leaves

Fat robin on the sidewalk

Horses standing peacefully in the pasture

Sunset water-coloring the lake

Nibbles on fishing poles

Acorns popping in the fireplace

Little bird perched on a rock

Tartness of apples

Warm banana smell

Bare feet on the kitchen floor

Soft hugs from gentle arms

Tiers of light from the clouds

Purple ditch flowers

Rhubarb pie from friends

Monarch flying overhead

Thousands of stars

Wing flutters

Canopy of oak trees

New uses for old things

New life announced

A paperclip pretty next to the blue mug

Ferns turning orange

Tiny white flowers

Leaf smoke acid smell

Tucker thudding down his ramp

Lavender soap on linoleum floor

Blotches of oil on his work shirts

My ring sending sparkles on the wall

Fresh from the dryer towels

Cinnamon floating in cereal milk

Dragonflies in the parking lot

Dark, heavy clouds

Spiders weaving in windowsills

The earring dangling at her jawline

Eyelashes on sunburned cheeks

Sunshine-colored soybeans

Morning light making the laundry room magical

Dragonflies dancing

The purple hostas in bloom

.... and there have been lots, lots more.

We are blessed. So, so blessed- by the little gifts of this beautiful life, and by the big gifts that shape my life.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!

(Full disclosure- the link to the book is an Amazon affiliate link. That means that if you click the link and then purchase a product from Amazon, I will receive a teeny little commission, at no cost to you.)

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