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Blessings this Week- 08.01.2014

Happy August! I can't believe that July is over already. This summer has just flown by!

This will be a quick blessings post- Camp has our Quilt Auction this weekend... busy, busy! And hey, we'd love to have you stop on by if you'd like. The Quilt Auction is one of the highlights of my summer here! It's so much fun!

-- --

We had a fun time with these little guys last weekend- Trevor and I saw them trying to cross the road, momma nowhere in sight. 

God's creation sure is cute! 

-- --

Two of our dear friends began their lives together as husband and wife last Saturday! It was a lovely wedding, and we're so blessed to have been able to share in the celebration with them! 

Congrats Logan and Danielle! 

-- --

We also got the chance to see both sets of parents last weekend. How great is it that they live in the same town? Very handy. Good planning, parents. 

-- --

-- --

We're getting new windows in the bedrooms on the first floor ("before" and "after" pictures still to come).

I have a feeling our niece Emery will be pleased. 

("Twevor got new windows for us, because he loves us and he 'poils us.")

Well, I know he spoils me, anyway.

Now if I can convince him that we need the 26 quilts I have my eye on at the auction tomorrow... 

-- --

Speaking of, check this out-

Over 150 quilts, donated to support the ministry of our camp. What a blessing!

How have you been blessed this week? Happy Friday, everyone! Have a great weekend!


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