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Well, I Went and Did It... (or, When You Lose Your Password, Start a New Blog!)

I have this bad habit. 

I start new projects. 

My mom could give a perfect example of this. 

Right in the throes of planning my wedding (one that I decided to turn into a giant DIY project by making many of the decorations, right down to my bouquet), I started making a wreath with a foam wreath form and copious amounts of yarn. My mom looked at me in disbelief. 

I finished the wreath, and the wedding, and lived to tell the tale. But that's beside the point. The point is, sometimes I start a project without really doing a lot of planning.

(My husband would concur... especially after the "Let's Tear The Wallpaper Down!" debacle in a spare bedroom- which is still an ongoing project... seven months later. <Cough, cough>) 

But this- I think this has the potential to be different. 

You see, I started doing a little writing on a little blog to keep family members updated on our lives... and then let it "go to seed" for a couple months. Or a year. Whatever. And in the span of that year... I forgot the password... as well as the back-up password.

But! Despite my good-intentions-turned-to-naught, I did learn some things with that little lost, neglected, forgotten blog. (#1 being to write down the password.) 

I learned about blogging, about myself, and about how I want to share our journey. 

Some blogging tip out there suggested that bloggers should write the way they talk. Which I wasn't very good at doing on the forgotten blog. I felt like my writing was... stiff, fake, plastic. I gave some quick updates in very formal tones. It was boring. And not me. (Well, boring may be me. But the blog wasn't me. You get it.)

So, in the interest of full disclosure, we're going to just start over. And I'll do some writing. About the things I care about, things I'm thinking, what's actually going on here. Authentic and honest. 

There are moments in my days that I find a little peace. Even if it's only for a second, I'm overwhelmed with the security of salvation, with the peace that passes understanding.

I've found myself waiting for those moments, longing for those seconds. See, in a world that tells us that rest and stillness are wasteful, I need the quiet. In a culture that values go-go-going and energetic productivity, I need to be still. When so many people around me strive for more and for better, I long to be content and grateful.

And I think that if I just took some time and focused, if I actively sought out the contentment, the peace, the wholeness, I might just fill my life with more of it.

And that's my hope. We'll call it a grand experiment- to find the contentment in everyday life, to find the majestic in the ordinary. Let's get started.

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